As The Stars Appear

One, then two, then three – the stars appear as if by command, piercing the dusk sky with their bold fragments of light.

They stand with pride, greeting their trusty companion – la Luna – for their daily date.

The moons halo gradually exposes itself, dressing the navy ocean surface with a sweet glow beneath it.

A squabble of seagulls interrupts the constant lull of the waves lapping upon the shore.

The last remnants of pink light slowly disappear from the West. While the Eastern Coast was left in the shadows long ago.

Distant town lights offering the only glow, acting as dancing fairy lights on the horizon.

The night air has arrived, dropping the summer temperature and leaving jackets to be grabbed from car boots and stair banisters for evening walks.

The day has been done, time to rest, for morning shall soon return.

But the night has just begun, keen night owls, let the dark sink in and the evident peace of the night settle in.

for it always does.

The magic of night is upon us, and the mystery of what it holds is yet to be revealed.

Be wild.



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