Things I’ve Loved About Living In Wales

Our time in Wales has come to an end.

For those of you that don’t know, we’ve spent the Summer season working in a cafe/bar in mid-Wales, enjoying the slow life away from the city. My parents have a caravan here, so we’ve spent the last few months using this as our base.
We arrived here mid-June, so will have been here just a little under three months upon leaving.

I wanted to reflect upon our time here, and things I’ve loved about living in the little sleepy, seaside town of Tywyn.

1. The Sea.
My absolute favourite thing about living here, which will come as no surprise to most, is the distance we are from the sea. Living by the sea has always been a dream for me and a five minute drive away from the beach sure satisfies my seaside craving. Being able to nip to the beach, whether this be for the day, or just to enjoy watching the waves, is great! There’s no doubt about me missing the beach once back in Nottingham.

2. Driving.
How easy it is to drive everywhere! Driving is so stress free here, you rarely come across a roundabout and traffic is basically none existent. Other than tight country lanes, most places are so easy to get to here – who needs a satnav?!

3. The Countryside. 
Walk out of our door here and you’re in nature, walk two minutes further and you’re in the woods. Heading out for a walk (in nature) here is so much easier in the sense that there are so many options, and it’s right on your doorstop. Whether it be a walk up a mountain, through a forest, to the beach or beside the river, you’ve got it all at hand.

4. The Mountains. 
Where we’ve located in Wales, you’re surrounded by mountains. As far as scenery goes, the mountains, especially at dusk or sunrise are just spectacular.

5. The Lack of Urge to Spend. 
This may, at first glance, seem a little strange? But with the lack of shops here, unlike in the city, your urge to spend is far, far less (well, it is for myself anyway). Quite frankly, you’re just not as tempted. That’s not to say I’m not ready for a good ol’ shop once I’m home (predominantly homeware), but it’s meant we’ve been able to save here ~likely better~ than back home.

6. The People. 
Since working in a café here, myself and Ollie have come to know a lot more locals here. It’s nice popping into town and seeing familiar faces. Everyone seems to know everyone here, which comes as no shock considering the size – some people hate this as everyone seems to know everyones business and whereabouts, but I personally really like it. On top of that, almost everyone I’ve met here has been really friendly so it’s a win-win, hey.

7. Back to Basics.
To put it simply, everything’s just a little slower here. The pace of life is turned down a notch, there’s less rush and urgency surrounding daily life. It’s like a breath of fresh air (literally).

8. The Stars. 
Also another keen favourite. Away from the light pollution of the city, the night sky becomes a spectacular sight (the sky here is actually protected). We finished work late last night, and just stood outside out car admiring the abundance of stars for a good ten minutes – you rarely get that back home.

9. Days Out. 
Our days out here are vastly different to when in Nottingham. We’ll tend to spend the day at the beach, exploring new coves, heading to waterfalls or browsing quaint shops here, where as back in the city days out tend to consist of the cinema, cocktail bars, crazy golf or meals out. Don’t get me wrong, I love both, but activities here are more ~my thing~.

10. The Birds.
It’s the simple things – you wake up here to the song of the birds, and there’s nothing quite sweeter.

So, those are my top ten favourite things about living in a Welsh town over Summer. I’m sure if I was to stay here throughout the Winter season my list would change!

~Wales, I love you.
But I’m ready for home now.~

See you soon!

Beth xx

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