A Holiday In Falmouth, Cornwall

— A guy waiting with a bottle of Prosecco and two glasses in hand eagerly for his date; a man come to enjoy the scenery after a day in the office; a group of students huddled around a campfire tipsy on drink and life as a guitar is strummed; a young girl, earphones in, innocently smiling whilst turning the pages of a novel; swimmers with caps and goggles ready to brave the cool temperatures of the water; families lapping up the quality time of each others company; grandparents sipping at coffees in the beach café. —

4 nights, 5 days, spent in the bustling Cornish seaside town of Falmouth, and we’re head over heels in love.

Set on the East Coast of Southern Cornwall, it’s a hefty 5 hour drive from the Midlands, but oh-so worth it.

After our 4.30am wake up call, we bundled into the car, and set off on the journey. We arrived, sleepy eyed but excited, mid-morning in Cornwall and headed straight to the docks.

We admired the harbour and waited for noon to arrive so we could tuck into some lunch at a local eatery – Lemon Twist – before heading off to check out Gylly Beach.

Gylly beach ended up being the home to where we spent almost all of our evenings whilst here. It felt a world away from the sleepy seaside town and quiet beaches of Tywyn that we were so familiar with. Full of life and a complete sense of joy, Gylly beach had us returning on the daily.

With visiting Falmouth at the end of September, it just coincided that we would be enjoying our holiday as students were enjoying their first semester at Falmouth Uni, which we actually came to love! The students gave so much life to Falmouth, with many students gathering on the beach after lectures to socialise by a beach fire with a drink in hand.

Beach clubs ran throughout the evening ranging from a variety of water sports to beach boot camps, it all added to the atmosphere of the place.

Travel on further down the coast and you’ll come to reach Southend beach. Just a mere 10 minute walk across the headlands and you’ll come across colourful beach huts and another quaint cove, waiting to be enjoyed. The walk from Gylly to Swanpool beach is a lovely one and I can only imagine just how beautiful it would be on a crisp Winter’s morning as the dew lingered on the crass and the frost settled on the shrubbery, whilst onlooking the scenic views of the ocean.

Swanpool is also home to a Beachside cafe, however we found the area to be slightly less busy than Gylly, so if you’re after a slightly quieter atmosphere then consider Swanpool as your beach is the day.

With impeccable views, sweet independent shops, a Highstreet accessorised with colourful bunting, fantastic beaches and an abundance of eateries, it offers it all.

But the optimistic feeling that was so infectious shared with the feeling of hope and ambition is what really won me over.

The sense that everyone was enjoying life, the fun atmosphere, chilled out yet active lifestyle, the friendly passers by and general happy nature of the town are all characteristics that I love so dearly.

It’s a summer time love, but this fling will have me returning time and time again – I’m sure of that.

As the sun slowly set, leaving the sky painted in a palette of pastel hues, lingering on the horizon, our holiday was coming to an end.

But we’ll be back again.

Cornwall, you already feel like home.

P.S. If you’re interested about where and how we spent our days whilst in Cornwall, stick around for the next blog post, where I’ll be going into more detail about things to do whilst in Falmouth and attractions/places we visited.

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