What I Love About Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here.

With the leaves changing, candles burning and the long awaited return of pumpkin spiced lattes, there’s no denying which season we’re in.

It’s no secret that I’m a Summer baby at heart, but that’s not to say that I’m not a lover of all things Autumn too.

So here are my favourite things about Autumn:

~ Candles: I’m a >>big<< lover of candles, whatever the month/season, but especially so come Autumn/Winter. I headed to TK Maxx today to check out there candle selection and wowzers (!) they have a bunch, if you’re a pumpkin harvest/apple spice scent kinda fan, then you’re in for a treat.

~ Hot Chocolates: It’s officially the time of the year to indulge in (far) too many hot chocolates. I’m not a big coffee drinker, so grab me a hot chocolate or herbal tea and I’ll be happy. In fact, I was thinking of posting my hot chocolate recipe some time soon? Warming your hands on a mug of velvety hot chocolate after coming in from a chilly autumn walk, ah, is there anything better?!

~ Jumpers: I’ve already bought a few jumpers to add to my wardrobe this year, but I’m planning to purchase a few more .. I realised I hadn’t bought any A/W items in years, so it’s certainly long overdue. Jumper’s are a staple during the Autumn and Winter months .. and likely Spring too.. here in the UK, and I’m loving it this year.

~ Bonfire Night: Bonfire Night has already been and gone, but it’s 100% one of the highlights of Autumn for me. Halloween isn’t really my thing (shock!), despite the increased hype over the past few years, BUT Bonfire Night certainly is! An evening of sparklers, bonfires, fireworks, cosy clothes (jumpers, boots, hats, gloves – the works) and yes, you guessed it, hot chocolate,  f a n t a s t i c !

~ Changing Leaves: You know Autumn is on it’s way when you begin to notice the trees changing. One of my favourite things is walking/driving down a street surrounded by trees and spotting all of the shades of colour dotted throughout the trees. Colour, colour, colour, autumn is full of deep reds, oranges and purples!

~ Baked Goods: I’m so excited to get baking! Apple pie? Chocolate brownies? Treacle tart?  Pecan pie? Cinnamon muffins? All. The. Desserts. Y-U-M!

~ A Fresh Start: I don’t know about you, but to me, specifically September, but Autumn itself, feels like a fresh start? I blame it on the beginning of a new academic year, but I become more motivated and proactive once September comes around. On top of that, I also have the urge to give the house a (very late) Spring clean this Autumn, organise-organise-organise.

~ Cosy Nights In: Blankets out, candles on, cookies baked, hot chocolate ready, lights dimmed, movie on. Yes please!

~ Autumnal Homeware: The shops this year seem to have the autumn homeware spot on! Whether it be an extra throw or new dining ware, autumnal homeware is the best.

~ Coffee Dates: Does anything shout Autumn more than a cute coffee date after a browse in town? Residing in your local cafe after wandering the streets in the cool air and crunchy leaves, is just lovely.

~ Walks: Grab a coat and head out. The mixture of the colourful trees, a sweet chill in the air and the chance/hope of stopping off at a café for a hot drink to warm up, leaves me very happy. There’s something so refreshing about an Autumnal walk, especially if it happens to be on a Sunday!

What are your favourite things about Autumn?
I’d love to know!

Keep Smiling,

Beth xx

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