Top tips for getting (sh)it done!

And get shit done:

– Create a list: Oh the art of list-making, can we call that a hobby? I know I’ve mentioned to-do lists a couple of times already, honestly I could bang on about them all day. I’m self-confessed list fanatic! How satisfying is it to tick things off? (The correct answer is very). I write things on my list that I’ve already done, just to tick it off, and make it look as though I’ve done more.. And I’m not ashamed of it, in the slightest. There’s just something mentally good about getting through a list, so quite simply, my tip is to make one and just get through it. You’ll feel damn good after getting through it, and it keeps your intentions/things to do for the day clear and organised – writing things down always helps. If you want to, go all out and categorise, listing your things to do in order or priority also helps, and hey no pressure – what’s left incomplete can be crossed off and carried over to the next day. After writing this, I’ve come to the realisation that maybe, just perhaps, list-making is also a form of procrastination? So tip #2 write the list, get on with completing the list.

Get dressed: This sounds simple, and if you’re up and out and off to work on the daily then I sure well hope that you stick to this rule with no exceptions. But, if you’re a student like myself, or work from home, then this rule applies and it’s key to a more productive day. Admittedly, I can be a bit of a pyjama slob, or ‘lounge-wear’ slob when I’m feeling a little more fancy, in fact I’m sat writing this whilst in joggers and a pj-top, so maybe I should consider taking my own advice on board a little more – because quite frankly, today hasn’t been the most productive, and you sure well know that I have a to-do list waiting to get ticked off! Getting up, dressed, make-up on etc. in the morning is a good start at kicking your butt into gear to start the day. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I know from experience that when I get up early(ish), get ready .. And don’t sit on the sofa and start a Netflix series, that my day is far more likely to be a productive one. Try it!

Get the most dreaded/important chores out of the way: I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, I kinda hate hearing it, because I know it’s true yet wish it wasn’t. Make your list (here I go again..) in order of priority and get it done. I’m not a big fan of phone calls (it’s a Millennial thing, right?) so if I’ve got phone calls to get done then I know I’m best just getting them out of the way and over with. On the contrary, if you’re gonna’ dwell on doing the most important/dreaded thing on the list that much, then just get the other stuff out of the way and come back to it later, wasting time sure isn’t helpful for any of us.

Work out in the morning: If you’re planning on exercising, then get it done in the morning. Unless you hate exercising in the morning, then don’t. I personally find that moving your body before lunch-time, or before getting stuck into your tasks, is a great motivator for the day and sets you on the right path. But if you’re not planning on working out, then just get stuck in, or have a cup of tea, tea is always good.

Create a morning routine: Similarly to working out in the morning, and getting dressed, installing a good morning routine is great for getting shit done. This is something that I need to begin doing myself, so perhaps writing that out will help me stick to it. Getting up early – at the same time each day, eating a good breakfast, taking a shower, reading, journalling, meditating, yoga, dancing to Elvis, heck whatever your jam is make a routine and stick to it – we’re habitual creatures and your body will thank you for it. On the same page, creating a night-time routine will also help, not only will you create more routine throughout your day, but it will in turn help with creating a good morning routine, less sleepy = better at getting up and doing the day (of course!).

January is upon us, the festivities have passed, reflections of the year just gone are quickly being replaced with optimistic visions of the new year, and goals to be met. This month can often feel a little blue, with the sweet chaos of Christmas gone, yet dark nights and cold days are still well upon us, it can feel like a bit of limbo month.

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